About Shark

SHARK is the trademark of SLI – Società Internazionale Lubrificanti, an Italian independent lubricant producer which can proudly claim more than twenty year experience in producing lubricants. SHARK is the result of an on-going research for total quality on two main aspects: product and service. As for product quality research, SHARK as brand is constantly engaged in keeping the pace with the most advanced technical specifications, car manufacturer requirements and customer needs.

The main components are blended and filled in a graphically captivating image. SHARK products are visually identified as truly Italian because they blend the Italian renowned orientation to entrepreneurship, Italian attitude to attain excellence in every product aspect and the Italian flexibility to outstand clients’ expectations.

As SHARK can count on the integrated blending plant of SLI, providing all services available in the lubricant sector, R&D, blending, filling lab analysis, and storage, SHARK assures an impeccable service to its clients, from order receipt up to the final delivery.

Thanks to the experience and the integrated production infrastructure of SLI, SHARK products are tailor made on the clients’ requests, in terms of technical specifications, package formats and quantities. SHARK can serve at its best both clients requiring large orders and retailers who demand smaller batches or dedicated tailor made productions.


SHARK’s main objective is to provide the best possible performance in terms of product quality and service accuracy. All its activities are focused in reaching the maximum customer satisfaction while respecting the health and safety of all the personnel members, and defending the environment from any sort of abuse.

We firmly believe in a Total Quality Policy, as the only instrument for a continuous improvement. SHARK’s strategy is therefore based on the creation of quality products, in a healthy and safe working environment. Its main objectives are:

· Respect of all the health and safety regulations

· Customer satisfaction

· Environment protection